Sunday, December 20, 2009


I've grown tired of writing this blog.

We're in Hawaii. We hike, play tennis, snorkel and eat.

I'll still be taking pictures and updating them here:

I'll also be updating facebook photos.

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Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Caught! Brown Handed!

Folks, if you want to be able to serve yourself in the buffet all you have to do listen to the captain's announcement on day one about washing your hands and using the hand sanitizer provided alllllllll over the place on board.

But, a majority have chosen the "He was talking about everyone else and not me." route. I'd venture to guess some of these people are "I don't have to wash my hands if I'm only going pee." folks. Now you're the "Gee, I don't like this" folks and we can't serve ourselves food.

We still haven't seen much of the big waves that have been happening. Day after tomorrow we'll get to see first hand if there is any strength left in the storm.

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Good. Thought So.

So, like I thought, the storm didn't really effect far as being at sea with huge waves. Why? because we dodged it. All of the rough stuff was happening on the north side of the islands. 60 foot waves. Some sources said the worst since '84, some since '69.

What this DID mean is that we did some shuffling around. We did an overnight in Honolulu which gave us the opportunity to go do a show at Laughtrack Theater. Fun time there.

Our normal first port that we visit is Kahului in Maui. This is on the northside of the island so we have been working around it. Currently we're doing all of our ports in reverse and will be in them all for the exact amount of time we normally would (except for Kahului, which will be one day).

So, we're not sailing through the perfect storm, we're avoiding it.

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Just In Case

So we're coming on the end of our first "normal" week. No rehearsing all week long, no tests. Why "Just In Case"? Because we are heading into rocky waters with a near guarantee of "worse." Knowing how ship gossip flies around I'm guessing our waves will get up to 20 feet high tonight. Double that number and you have the latest gossip.

It is 5:00pm as I write this and we have a show at 10:15, so THAT could be interesting.

Earlier this week Deanna and I went to Sport Mart in Kona and bought tennis racquets. The previous cast was really into tennis so we figured we'd give it a try. Mike, Deanna, and I headed up to the courts of the Ritz hotel in Kauai and paid $10 to use one of their courts. We're all at a very beginner stage so getting the ball back and forth was the only accomplishment we were shooting for.

As far as buying the racquets I feel like I was at a major advantage. Each racquet was boasting to be lighter than others. When I was growing up tennis was a quick stint in the standard Jr. High PE class. If we had a racquet we were supposed to bring it in. Luckily my mom played tennis at some point in her life or my parents took up tennis. Whatever the case, I was honored by the selection of my choice between two heavy wooden racquets. That is all I've ever known. So, based on my muscle memory, every racquet in that store was far lighter than anything I was used to.

We hear it is getting cold in the other states. Chicago had snow, Portland dipping down into the 20s. The inner-ship AC is trying to rival that so I'm usually in jeans and a hoody when we're indoors.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Dear America, You've Been Brainwashed

After coming up with that title I forgot to write about the story that inspired it.

In most of the ports there are free shuttles that take you to various shopping locations. In Hilo Deanna, Mike and I took the shuttle to a place called Hilo Hattie's (Haddie's?)...a common store in Hawaii. Where ever your shuttle goes the driver is usually required to mention a little something about specials in the store and they also will talk about other areas on the island. Well, as we took a turn and neared the mall that Hilo Hattie's was in at least four people in the shuttle all said loudly and with glee "WAL-MART!" You're on vacation. Even if you weren't, no one should be that excited about Wal-mart. And to that I say "Dear America, You've Been Brainwashed."

Also, check out the comments to this post!
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What has happened...I've uploaded photos to facebook. So, check there for the latest photos. I'll get them on flickr soon.

We're finally settling into normalcy as we no longer have pesky training or rehearsals to worry about. On Honolulu Day (days of the week are arbitrary to me now) we walked to the Ala Moala Mall (? that is how I remember the name. Whatever the big ass mall in Honolulu is called). I bought a couple of show shirts, one of which suffered the Wrath of the Random Stains...a laundry room mystery that devistated my entire load of red and orange clothes with blue stains.

On the way back from the mall I decided to try to find Laughtrack theater. A theater that the previous cast spent time hanging out with and teaching workshops to. I just wanted to find the theater. As luck would have it I showed up 10 minutes before a full-cast rehearsal and met a bunch of the folks there.

The next day was Kahului. We went to the mall and caught a $1 bus to Lahaina. A nice little town with a big banyan tree. It was Weird Rain day. Totally sunny out except for clouds over the valley in the distance, but it was windy enough to blow the light rain drizzle all the way into the town. Needless to say there were great rainbows.

Today we're in Hilo and did some exploring. Jeff and Robyn both made guides to the ports that have been very helpful in finding stuff. However, they all said there isn't much in Hilo. If only they would have taken a right by the ice pond on the the way to Ken's. They would have found the Banyan tree park and the Japanese Garden. Maybe they did, but it wasn't on the list.

Also, anyone who really follows us travlers knows Brett bought an ukulele and let it sit for about 6 months before strumming it one time. He left it behind. Today I downloaded a free iTouch app with all the chords (C6 is all open so use that to tune the ukulele) and while we were at Borders I bought an IZ song book. I can pretty much play that Over the Rainbow/What a Wonderful World song now.

Tonight we have an improv show. Oh! Improv! If you're an improvisor...especially if you're a shortform improvisor, AND you have an iPhone or iTouch, look up the "iprov" app. It is a big list of short form games and exercises. AND it is FREE. AND. (rule of threes)

Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Cars, Black Friday, Black Everything

Today we didn't have anything scheduled before the ship took off from it's overnight in Kauai. I decided I might find some deals at the mall since it was Black Friday! (cue spooky music)

I needed some socks and they were buy 1 get 1 free on all of their socks at K-mart. So, I got socks. And I waited in line behind the people with shopping carts full of what seemed to be future Christmas presents.

Then I walked the mall. I really wanted to get some DVDs but I didn't find a store with a good selection. Luckily they had a GNC. You may remember last year I was using a bunch of supplements and working out. In Florida I stumbled across a box with all sorts of the supplements I needed for about $150-$200 (I don't remember the exact price). It also had a shirt, mixer cup, and tote bag. Well, I found the same thing here for $99. It was nice to hear " save $241 with us today. Thank you for shopping GNC." I think this counts as my best Black Friday deal of all time.

Later I'll be leading a workshop and then we'll have our final show of the cruise. Tomorrow, the cycle begins again.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Jive Turkey

Happy Thanksgiving!

We did our shows last night and they went very well. Glad to finally get them up and running.

Today we had a cast Thanksgiving lunch at a restaurant called Gaylords. Very nice and filling.

We made it a lunch instead of a dinner because we had to come back to do a rehearsal before doing our late night improv show.

Last night was crazy wavy. Our cabins are at the front of the ship so we feel it more, but it was big time bouncing.